Whats in it for you?

Automatic Customer Recovery

Subcast will automatically email and track engagements with potential customers who have begun signing up for your service but have not completed it.

Best Practices Baked In

Email templates are provided to you free of charge that are optimized to bring customers back to your app. We also ensure that all email campaigns are compliant with CAN-SPAM and other applicable laws.

Proactive Churn Reduction

Subcast analyzes usage patterns within your application and can engage customers in a recovery campaign before they churn.

Email QuickCatch

Subcast can capture the emails of potential customers on your site without them having to log in or click anything.

Real-Time Reporting

Get real-time insights into how your customers are engaging with your recovery campaigns and optimize for the best possible outcomes.

One-on-One Emails

Each email that you send to your customer is customizable and tailored to your brand and the individual.